Whether you are an individual, or a business, we work with our clients to protect and preserve their wealth.

Personal Protection

There are events we can all face that have the potential to wreck lives and families. It’s a difficult issue to think about, but imagine the impact on you and your family should the main earner in your household die or become seriously ill. It may not happen to you – we hope it doesn’t – but it might.

Fraser Price Financial Services can advise you on a range of products including Life Assurance, Whole of Life, Critical Illness & Income Protection.

If you’re wondering how you and your family might cope without an income, stop wondering and let us work it out for you.

Life Assurance plans typically have no cash in value at any time and cover will cease at the end of term. If premiums stop, then cover will lapse.

Business Protection

The most valuable asset to any business is its people, without them, a company’s survival can be at serious risk.

We understand the importance of this type of protection, and what a devastating financial impact a loss of a key person can have on a business. With a business protection arrangement in place, if key people become ill or die, our solutions will help the business to keep trading.

There are four types of business protection insurance you can get. If you’re wondering what type of protection you may need, stop wondering and let us work it out for you.

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